A 37-year-old client who suffered a disabling stroke 13 days after taking the birth control medication Yasmin was awarded a $14 million verdict in a case of attorney Bradley M. Cosgrove, partner, and associate Sarah King of Clifford Law Offices,

After taking the medication for less than two weeks, she suffered a severe debilitating stroke that paralyzed her entire left side, resulting in the loss of use of her arm and leg.

She also sustained profound and permanent brain injury. She is now wheelchair bound and requires 24-hour round-the-clock care.

Evidence Video created a Day in the Life Video capturing the extensive care she requires. It was used in court to demonstrate the damages, pain and suffering.

“We are pleased with the fact the jury understood the seriousness of this case and the severity of her injuries,” Attorney Bradley Cosgrove said following the verdict. “The conduct of the defendant left a young woman’s life forever changed and hopefully this verdict will send a message to other health care providers to be very careful in prescribing this medication that can be very dangerous.”

Yasmin has been under attack by medical professionals in the past several years for severe side effects including causing strokes in young women.