The Settlement Video is a scripted, narrated documentary which has proven to be an effective tool in enhancing mediation outcomes. 

The documentary presentation is considered a highly effective method in promoting settlements with an insurer because it personalizes the plaintiff/decedent and has a profound visual impact on the viewer.

The Settlement Video helps the insurer understand the strength of the plaintiff’s claims, thus giving them incentive to offer a larger settlement. 

The Evidence Video team takes on all responsibilities for the production and prepares a video that presents a thorough, factual and impactful look at evidence the attorney would present if the case were to go to trial.   

The Settlement Video reinforces both economic damages and non-economic damages of pain and suffering, loss of companionship, loss of society, loss of a normal life. It also highlights economic damages for: Loss of employment, need for special equipment, need for special services, and care-taking.

Settlement videos are broken down into two types of videos, both used as out-of-court settlement tools:

A Wrongful Death Documentary describes the loss following an incident where there is a large insurance policy involved, such as a trucking accident, medical malpractice or aviation accident. Essential people in the victim’s life describe the effect of the loss on their lives. This helps plaintiff’s attorneys build economic and non-economic damages.

A Living Plaintiff Documentary combines a Day in the Life video with voiced narration, as well as interviews with the plaintiff and key people in their life. Photos and home videos taken prior to the injury show the extent to which the plaintiff’s life has been changed. The finished Settlement Documentary is a powerful tool that makes economic and non-economic damages clear, and it helps tell the story behind the story.