A professionally produced Day in the Life video is the most profound way to demonstrate the plaintiff’s physical injuries and actual damages. 

The video allows the jury to assess the plaintiff’s current living conditions and requirements for special care and equipment.

 Day in the Life video helps the jury and defendants feel the victim’s pain and suffering, see their struggle and feel the impact of their injury or loss. 

By showing the plaintiff’s daily activities, it captures their quality of life and how they have been affected by injury, illness and pain.

 In some cases, portions of the Day In the Life video may be used to reinforce testimony of an expert on the witness stand.

 The Day In The Life video also establishes support for non-economic damages like pain and suffering,  loss of society, loss of companionship and impact on family caretakers. These videos are used at trial, mediation and settlement conferences.


A Progressive Video is a series of Day in the Life Videos that establishes a timeline. The video shows the plaintiff over an extended period of time and is used to demonstrate pain and suffering over the course of treatment and various stages of recovery. Videotaping begins soon after the injury and continues in stages until the conclusion of the case. Progressive Videos are used at trial, mediation and settlement conferences.