A $7.5 million settlement was reached in the case of a man who died following a delayed lung cancer diagnosis.

The patient went to the University of Illinois Hospital in November 2017 for an abdominal and pelvic CT scan to look into the possibility of venous stenosis in his kidney. The scan showed a mass on his right lung, and the radiologist who read the scan recommended additional testing. Despite this finding, no one shared the information according to his family’s attorneys. In May 2019, the patient had another CT scan and that scan showed evidence of lung cancer and, at this time, it was metastatic. He died at  age 63.

Evidence Video produced a Day in the Life Video to show the results suffered by the plaintiff.

Attorney Brian Salvi said they were pleased to be able to get a result that reflects the loss the family suffered.

— Attorneys Patrick A. Salvi, and Brian L. Salvi, Salvi, Schostok & Prichard P.C.