Evidence Video received a call in September, 2017 from the Rehab Institute of Chicago requesting we help the family of 59 year old Pam Knight of Dixon, Illinois. Pam, a DCFS worker was severely beaten and kicked in the head resulting in brain damage while on the job attempting to remove a 2-year-old into protective custody following complaints of abuse.

Evidence Video provided a pro bono video that demonstrated to Workman’s Comp how the family would be able to provide care for her after they remodeled their home. Unfortunately on February 8, 2018 she died from her injuries. The medical examiner ruled the death a homicide.

Now, the Carroll State’s Attorney is planning to use the video for the upcoming trial of Andrew Sucher of Rock Falls charged with five counts of first degree murder.

Upon seeing the video, State Senator Tim Bivins, R-Dixon, created a bill that was passed (state bill 3105) and signed by the governor to establish procedures for DCFS employees to receive police escorts and document work related assaults and injuries. Later, the video was used by WBBM-TV reporter Dave Savini in an investigative report on the incident.