In a historic verdict in Kane County, jurors awarded $6.3 million dollars due to medical malpractice.The plaintiff had checked into Sherman Hospital in Elgin, Illinois for a routine prostate procedure. Following the procedure, he experienced leg numbness and coldness. Nurses attempted to diagnose the symptoms, then ordered an incorrect test and alerted Dr. Kate Onyibor. Onyibor and her employer failed to act with the appropriate level of urgency and failed to order an emergency consultation with a vascular surgeon. Because of a lack of arterial blood flow his leg had to be amputated above the knee 12 days later. The plaintiff and his wife, sued Dr. Kate Onyibor and her employer, Inpatient Consultants of Illinois P.C., alleging Onyibor did not recognize the urgency of the situation.

In this case, a Day in the Life Video was used in court.  Attorney  Craig D. Brown, partner, commented on the use of the video in the trial.

“Gera-lind’s Day in The Life Video was one of the main reasons why our Jury agreed with our assessment of damages. As usual, Geralind did an incredible job of illustrating all the physical and emotional damages with compassion, credibility and sincerity. She and her entire staff treated our clients with love and respect. We will never use another company to do any of our Day in the Life Videos.”

Attorneys Craig D. Brown, Jonathan Mincieli, Meyers & Flowers Law Offices