Eight aerialists were involved in a tragic collapse of their equipment during a performance of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus in May, 2014, in Rhode Island.

The young women were hoisted off the ground by their hair in a “Hair Hang” act when the entire device collapsed about 15 feet to the ground, the heavy steel brace landing on the women. Several remain severely injured and will require further surgeries in the years ahead. Some may never be able to work again.

Evidence Video produced a Progressive Video over a span of months to show the severity of the women’s injuries, and their struggle to heal.

Attorneys for the plaintiffs were Robert Clifford and Jack Casciato of Clifford Law Offices in Chicago. Mark and Zachary Mandell of Mandell Boisclair & Mandell Ltd. of Rhode Island.

Mediator: Former Chief Judge Cook County

Circuit Court Donald P. O’Connell – Dec. 2020