A leader in the legal arena of producing Day-in-the-Life and Settlement Documentaries for Mediation, Evidence Video and our award-winning team of videographers, producers, and staff worked with Kenneth J. Allen, of the Kenneth J. Allen Law Group, to capture the tragedy, and the day-to-day struggles of their 57-year-old client by making a Progressive Video.

Kenneth J. Allen said: “This was our first trial before a jury since the closing of court last year due to the pandemic. The video was extremely helpful in showing the jury the pain and suffering and recovery efforts of Cynthia as a result of the accident. I chose a Progressive Video because Evidence Video was able to get into the hospital rehab center and succeeded in capturing the first few agonizing months of surgeries and therapies and then go back months later to reinforce her permanent injuries. The jury was truly spellbound, and I am sure it was a major factor in helping secure a large verdict. Evidence Video is one of the reasons we have won more multi-million dollar verdicts than any other law firm in Indiana history”.

See first-hand a small segment of what was captured and then presented in court to the socially distanced jury.

Cynthia Kroft suffered “traumatic” injuries that ended her 25-year nursing career. In 2016, after leaving her 3-to-11 shift at a Chesterton, Indiana, hospital where she worked as an ICU nurse, she was stopped at a traffic light in Chesterton, and was rear-ended by a trucker who was working for Viper Transportation of Chicago, at the time. According to Attorney Kenneth J. Allen, “It certainly could have killed her.”

Kroft sustained a comminuted fracture of the cervical spine and no longer has full use of her left hand and arm. She is no longer able to work as a nurse and is being cared for by her husband, Mark Kroft.

Of the $43 million award, Cynthia Kroft received more than $39.5 million. Jurors awarded $3.5 million to Mark Kroft on his loss of consortium claim.

“Human loss was the most significant part of the case in terms of her damages,” Allen concluded. “These people suffered a lot, and they are going to suffer. It was gratifying to see them (the jurors) recognize the enormity of the harm.”

Now several hospitals and rehab centers later, a smiling Cynthia Kroft who now uses a wheelchair to get around, said she is thankful for everyone who helped her during the journey, from the “capable, knowledgeable EMS first-responders to the team at Evidence Video who captured my life changing struggles in therapy, to all the rehab workers.”

The Krofts were also represented by Otto J. Shragal of Kenneth J. Allen Law Group.

The case is Cynthia Kroft, et al. v. Viper Trans Inc., et al. 16 L 9466.