A record $40 million dollar settlement was reached for the parents of a 12-year-old girl who sustained brain damage during treatment for strep throat in a North Shore Hospital. It was reported to be the highest in Cook County Circuit Court for a brain-damage case involving a minor.

The suit alleged their daughter’s brain injury could have been prevented if she were transferred to a children’s hospital and had received the appropriate care. The staff should also have recognized the need for a neck CT scan that would have revealed the location of her bacterial infection and narrowed airway.

After staff inserted a PICC line for nutrition, they laid the girl on her back despite her difficulty breathing. Her breathing stopped and she went into cardiac arrest. Her cardiac arrest resulted in a catastrophic brain injury.

Attorney Joe Power praised the assistance of Evidence Video. “Gera- Lind and the Evidence Video team have been assisting us for decades,” said Power. “In 2018, we used Progressive/Chronology Videos and Day-in-the- Life Videos to provide a full depiction of our catastrophically injured clients: at trial, at mediation, and sometimes during discovery. Getting this important evidence is easier, both for our firm and our clients, because Gera- Lind’s invaluable and unsurpassed experience.”

Attorneys in the case:– Attorney Joseph A. Power Jr., and Joseph W. Balesteri Power Rogers & Smith, L.L.P.