A plaintiff was awarded $19.5 million after he sustained a hypoxic brain injury and was diagnosed with Lance-Adams syndrome, a neurological complication which severely impacts motor skills after a botched procedure to downsize his tracheostomy.

The plaintiff was admitted to Northwestern Memorial Hospital with sepsis, hemorrhagic shock and acute hypoxemia respiratory failure following treatment for a blockage in one of the pulmonary arteries in his lungs at Lake Forest Hospital. Under transfer, doctors performed Patterson’s tracheostomy, and scheduled another procedure to downsize the tube six days later. The breathing tube was switched out six days later by doctors lacking the proper experience and supervision to do so. The lawsuit alleged a guide was not used to perform the procedure, the airway was not maintained and the procedure should have been done in an intensive care unit in case of complications

“Devastating injury was completely avoidable and only made possible through systemic negligence,” according to Patterson’s attorney, Patrick Salvi.

Evidence Video produced a Progressive Day in the Life over a few months span to show the life changing circumstances for the man and his family

ATTORNEYS:  Patrick A. Salvi, Patrick A. Salvi II, Thomas R. Mulroy III and Carly E. Shannon Salvi Schostok & Pritchard P.C.