A $15.97 million settlement was reached in the case of a mother whose baby  sustained a profound perinatal anoxic-ischemic brain injury as a result of her delayed delivery and ineffective resuscitation,  At  the time of the settlement, it was higher than any previous medical malpractice verdict or settlement in Will County.

According to the details of the case, in May of 2011, the plaintiff went to the hospital to deliver. Fetal monitoring indicators showed signs of fetal hypoxia which occurs when the fetus is deprived of adequate oxygen. Thirty minutes later, attempted intrauterine resuscitative measures were unsuccessful. Around 3:00, when the internal monitor failed, an external monitor was tried but also failed shortly thereafter. Records indicate the baby was deprived of oxygen for three hours in utero. The girl was left a quadriplegic and severely spastic. She has recurring pulmonary infections, a seizure disorder, and has to be fed through a tube.

Evidence Video participated in the case by producing a Progressive Day in the Life of the baby. It was filmed four times between 02/19/15 and 12/11/18 (age 3 to 7 years old) to show the impact on the mother and family and the need for help, aides, therapies, teachers and 24 hour care dealing with the catastrophic damages of the severely brain damaged child.

— Attorneys Joseph J. Miroballi, Albert E. Durkin and Lauren A. Levin of Miroballi Durkin & Rudin LLC and Robert Allen Strelecky, sole practitioner