A settlement was reached for three laborers who were severely burned in a flashback fire from a water heater. The three were  performing construction work at an apartment complex when the fire broke out.

Plaintiff’s attorney Albert Durkin says Evidence Video’s Day In The Life video helped disprove the defendant’s theory.

“We used Evidence Video including a Day In The Life of one of 3 plaintiff’s who was badly burned in the work-related explosion/fire and a second video where we asked another plaintiff to demonstrate exactly what he was doing at the time of the incident,” said Durkin. “The demonstration disproved the defendant’s theory of the case that the fire was initiated by the use of a metal scraper on concrete which ignited vapors from the mastic remover that had been used rather than the vapors being ignited by the defendants wrongfully designed water heater. This video demonstration was provided to the defendants prior to an eleventh hour mediation conference on the eve of trial and was instrumental in an eight figure resolution.”

— Attorney Albert E. Durkin Miroballi Durkin & Rudin