A $10 million settlement was reach in the case of a man whose foot was crushed while working at a residential property to repair a concrete walkway.

An Ozinga Ready Mix Concrete truck arrived at the construction site. The plaintiff and other onsite employees needed to move tools already laid out so the truck could proceed forward. As the plaintiff moved the tools, the driver advanced and knocked him to the ground, crushing his left foot and requiring an above the ankle amputation.

Evidence Video and team provided a Progressive Video for the case.  The Evidence Video crew filmed the plaintiff eleven times between 10/24/16 and 3/13/19 to show the impact of the injury from the day of the injury to hospitalizations and then the amputation.

Attorney Patrick Salvi II  said the settlement could help his client obtain further education now that he is no longer capable of heavy manual labor. The plaintiff received a prosthetic foot, and those need to be replaced about every three years – a lifetime cost that could approach $2 million along with continuing medical needs.

— Attorneys Patrick A. Salvi II, Brian L. Salvi and Carly E. Shannon, Salvi Schostok &Pritchard P.C.